Intercultural Ministry

Welcome Canadian Newcomers!

Intercultural Ministry welcomes newcomers to Canada. We continue our work of love and educating the church community on intercultural issues.  This season, we are hoping to bring some new experience encouraging more integration between the local community and the newcomers of diversity.

Meet Julie Ng-Leung, Intercultural Program Leader

Julie was born in Hong Kong, has lived in Saskatchewan for 12 years before she built up her marketing experience working on many big brands around the world, with a major role to identify consumer insights of different markets. She’s always passionate about people, as she believes she has a lot to learn from every story, like the story of Jesus.  Contact  Julie Ng-Leung

Ongoing Programs

English Conversation on “Life in Victoria” at St. Aidan’s

We all go through our own learning curve living in a new city. The Conversation Session aims to create more opportunity for newcomers to learn from each other through their different experience. The Conversations could include tips about the transit system, the health system, cross-Canada travel, buying a property, rental rights, etc. etc. A chance for everyone to share and learn from one another about living in Victoria and other parts of the world. Our conversation starts at 2:30pm every Thursday for 1.5 hour.

First Sunday Intercultural Lunch – 12pm at St. Aidan’s

Everyone is welcome to join our intercultural lunch at St. Aidan’s. Food has been a popular way to explore and learn about a culture. This season, we will organize our lunches at St. Aidan’s by inviting friends and chefs of different ethnic background to cook for us. The fee ranges from $15-20 per person depending on the menu. There will be limited seats available, so pre-registration will be required.  Sign up in the library or email Julie.

Intercultural Mini-Workshops

You can explore the world in your own city by joining our workshops. The mini-workshop encourages intercultural integration through exploration of cultural understanding. The workshop provides a safe place for people who are open to diversity to ask questions, voice out their cultural expressions, and share insights. Sign up in the library or email Julie. The mini-workshops are hosted by Julie Ng-Leung on two Sundays each month:

  • 2nd Sunday @ Cadboro Bay United Church (CBUC) at 12:15pm – 2pm  Everyone is invited to enjoy a light lunch at 11:30am before the workshop at CBUC.
  • 3rd Sunday @ St. Aidan’s United Church at 12:15pm – 2pm  Everyone is invited to bring a cultural dish to share at 11:30am before the workshop at St. Aidan’s.

Ping Pong Fun Club (International Language)

We all know that exercise is good for your health. Doing exercise and laughing with a few people is even healthier. Get together every Thursday afternoon to play,  watch and chat between 2:30pm and 5:00pm.

For more information or regular subscription of event information, please contact St Aidan’s Intercultural Team Leader, Julie Ng-Leung at