reVision Summit 2 – May 12, 2018

reVision Summit #2
May 12 from 9:45 am -3 pm

At this reVision meeting, proposals from the following groups will be presented to the gathered group and will help to determine future directions for our two congregations. There will be a time for questions to be asked and our sense of feeling warm or cool to the ideas will be tested. As the day progresses, we will look at the way the various proposals fit together like a puzzle and set forthtimelines and priorities for our two communities of faith to engage in. Our day together promises to be an exciting one.

1. Spiritual Practices: Spiritual practices help deepen our connection with the
Divine. We will propose ways to engage in a variety of spiritual practices both
individual and in community. Such engagement will be essential in sustaining
our congregations in the challenging years that lie ahead.
2. Small Group Ministry: Small groups are the heart of the church. A “small
group” means many things to many people, but always, they are a point of
connection and belonging. How can we keep this heart beating strongly?
3. Collaborators: When we look over our individual projects, some ongoing
and some stand alone, we see several opportunities to share many of them
more closely through a coordinated approach which will save time and money
at both churches. Exploration of future initiatives has lead us into discussions
regarding shared outreach pursuits, stewardship issues, communication and
others which will be revealed on May 12!

4. Social Enterprise: Question: How can we bring diverse groups of people
together in the pursuit of sustainable living, food security and resiliency in a
rapidly changing world, while at the same time provide a meeting place for
important community conversations, events that build right relationship, and
opportunities for low income people to gain employment skills and more
access to nutritious food? Answer: By exploring with Shelbourne Community
Kitchen, an expanded social enterprise model that builds relationship through
growing, preparing, and serving/selling nutritious locally-sourced food. This is
what faith in action looks like…

5. Pop up Church: A phenomenon of the last 5 years have been Pop Up
business, cafes and theaters in cities around the world. Pop up church
experiences have also emerged. These experiences connect with those
outside the walls of the traditional church and garner energy and provide
transformative experiences.

6. Seniors and Children together: In several places around the world,
experimenting with the bringing together of Senior’s homes and
daycares/preschools have resulted in enhanced lives for all involved.
These intergenerational experiments are cutting edge ways to bring new
life to everyone involved.

6. Social Justice: We recommend two general initiatives, each of which
will involve specific events and actions that will emerge in collaboration
with other partners in our community. First, to build stronger bridges with
other non-partisan faith-based and community groups already active in
social justice in the Victoria area, through collaboration with Greater
Victoria Acting Together (GVAT). Second, to continue to build trust and
relationships with First Nations in our region, towards fulfillment of the
Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations for faith groups.

7. Asset Visioning Group: We affirm that we have significant property and
investment assets. We have strong, engaged people and staff. We would
seek to leverage our assets to enable people to explore and to embrace
new visions of creating a renewed and invigorated spiritual community.