Read Up On: Refugees

Refugees are in the news and on our minds. The library has some resources in books, magazines and DVDs. Here are a few of them.

At the border called hope: where refugees are neighbours, by Leddy. Her experiences working with refugees at Romero House in Toronto, plus a look at what they face dealing with Canada’s immigration … before CSIS. SOCIAL ISSUES Led

The Other face of God [DVD]: when the stranger calls us home (Epiphany Explorations), by Leddy. By telling us individual stories of refugees from places like Guatemala and Somalia, Leddy shows us that acts of kindness – both received and returned – are a perfect way to help us all learn the meaning of compassion in a world full of conflict.

They poured fire on us from the sky, by Deng. Three boys flee the horrific violence of Sudan’s civil war and become known as some of the Lost Boys. OTHER LANDS Den

God grew tired of us [DVD]. The story of the Lost Boys trying to rebuild their lives in a new land. DVD ANF God

The good lie [DVD]. The story of three boys and one girl, who spent 13 years in a refugee camp and were then sponsored to relocate in the US. DVD Goo PG13

Syria’s good guys, inside a forgotten revolution. New Internationalist Magazine, Special feature issue. Sept 2015

The crossing: my journey to the shattered heart of Syria, by Yazbik. Highly recommended by New Internationalist as the best book on Syria after the uprising against Assad. OTHER LANDS Yaz.