New to St. Aidan’s Library

New to St. Aidan’s Library

Recovery Resource Library

Are you or someone you know dealing with an addiction surfing to the internet? To video (or other) gaming? Cyber junkie: escape the gaming and internet trap by Roberts  gives compulsive gamers and surfers – and their family and friends – a step-by-step guide for recovery. He outlines the ways that ‘cyber junkies’ exhibit the classic signs of addiction and reveals how they can successfully recover by following a program similar to those used for other addictions. RECOVERY RESOURCE Rob

Or is the problem an obsession with food? Why can’t I stop eating?: recognizing, understanding, and overcoming food addiction by Danowski gives readers a full understanding of this debilitating condition: its sources, patterns, consequences, and physiological underpinnings. Unlike fad diets and drugs with their side effects, hidden costs, and infamous failure rates, the program outlined in this book goes to the root cause of chronic overeating and puts the tools for a lifelong cure into the hands of anyone willing to accept responsibility for a healthy, happy future. RECOVERY RESOURCE Dan

Twelve steps and twelve traditions of Overeaters Anonymous is another resource for compulsive eaters, and it may be found in our regular collection PERSONAL GROWTH Twe.

The Recovery Resource Library is found in the Lobby and is open to the community.

December 2016