Victoria Refugee Initiative



 We appreciate your interest in contributing:

Monetary donations     Each donation of $20 or more will receive a charitable receipt. All cheques can be made out to St. Aidan’s United Church, with ‘Refugee Sponsorship’ on the memo line. Please also see our pledge form.

Donations in Kind     At this point we have all we need and we are running out of storage space.  Furniture items can be sent to Oak Bay United Church (250-598-5021, extension 0 or 200) and other items can come to us at St. Aidan’s. Refugee families are selecting items from the Thrift Shops as needed. Remaining items at both churches will go to into general sales, and the money raised is donated to good causes.

About Us

Many Canadians have been touched by the images and stories we have seen and heard of the devastating exodus from Syria and Afghanistan. Families fleeing violence, oppression and discrimination search for safety, stability and opportunity for a new life. Though they may be safely away from the origin of the trauma, they are not secure until a new place to call home is found.

A broad-based community coalition, under the auspices of Oak Bay and St. Aidan’s United Churches, together with the Masjid al-Iman Mosque, has formed in order to provide refugee sponsorship to at least two of these families. We hope that you will consider becoming a participant in these sponsorships.

The task is significant. Helping families become a vibrant part of our community calls upon many skills, including language and cultural awareness training, interaction with our healthcare system, integration into our education system, shopping practices, and the like. We need your financial and volunteer assistance.

If you want more information about being part of this project by donating money, time, or expertise, please contact Fran Stocks  (fdstocks at

Bill White and Carol Munro, Co-Chairs, Steering Committee
Victoria Refugee Initiative