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2015 Advent/Christmas Communion & Tea

Pastoral Care is one of the central ministries of St Aidan’s, and directly relates to our Core Values of both Reaching Out and Spirituality.

Pastoral Care involves connecting, healing, nurturing, sustaining, reconciling and being sensitive to each person’s spiritual needs.

Our Services

Visits in homes, hospitals, and other types of residences for those in need of companionship or support

A Prayer Chain, which provides relatively anonymous support in response to known concerns and upon request

Healing Pathways, a healing ministry with ancient roots, focused on well-being; wholeness of mind, body and spirit; and honouring and accepting ourselves and others with unconditional love

A Casserole Caravan to supply meals on a short-term basis during illness or time of special need

Greeting Cards for sharing moments of connection, sympathy and joy

A Prayer Shawl Ministry, which reaches out with love and warmth

A monthly church service at Mt. Tolmie Hospital, providing personal outreach with our nearby neighbours

Workshops – education and discussion on senior-focused topics of current interest

The annual Advent / Christmas Communion and Tea, an intimate worship experience and social time for seniors less able to attend Sunday services

Members of the Pastoral Care Team fulfill their responsibilities in consultation with our Minister, and in partnership with St. Aidan’s staff. As well, most everyone in the congregation is involved in caring, in some way or another, on a daily basis. As we all engage in this ministry, we’re helping to bring the resources of our faith into the lives of those around us, incarnating the love of God as we care for each other.


The Pastoral Care Team also manages membership administration at St. Aidan’s. Ask us if you would like to order a name badge or a photo directory.

The Pastoral Care Team

Rev. Cheryl Black (Minister) 250-477-2089
Betty Anne Dempsey (Pastoral Care Minister)

Val Bauld 250-721-5962
Puddie Curtis 250-592-1715
Diane Kendall 250-477-6157
Susan Kurushima
Jean Margison 250-721-0585
Phyllis McNaughton
Helen Pinel (Chair) 250-360-2421
Carol Sidhu 250-391-0540
Moira Wightman 250-477-7689

The Pastoral Care Team meets monthly (except summer), and welcomes new members.