Healing Pathways

For an appointment, call St. Aidan’s at  250-477-2089 or send us an e-mail.

Jesus called the twelve together and gave them power and authority and sent them out to heal.
Luke 9: 1-2

What is Healing Pathway? It is a ministry of the United Church of Canada. It is a healing program developed at Naramata designed to train and mentor people who wish to develop the gift and skill of healing hands within the Christian tradition. Christian healing is described as a gift freely given to all responding to Jesus’ call to carry forward in His service.

What do we do? Working individually or with two or more trained persons we treat you either by passing hands over the body or by lightly touching you.

What do you do? Relax! Either lie quietly, fully-clothed on your back or stomach on our comfortable massage table, or sit in a chair. We can come to your home if necessary. You may share any concerns or needs that you feel comfortable expressing.

What we do we say? We say a prayer for you, meeting your highest good. We find this a wonderful way to pray for you. We are simply a conduit through which God’s grace can flow to those in need. God is the source.

What do you say? You may wish to tell us the story of your injury or whatever is hurting you or you may remain silent – your choice entirely.

This is a FREE, confidential service. However, donations can be made to St. Aidan’s, Healing Pathway if you wish.

Appointment times are: Monday, 10 am and 1pm Friday, 10, 11:30 am and 1 pm.
To make an appointment, phone the church office 250-477-2089

Brochures are available at the church for more information about the Healing Pathway training as well as one on Healing Pathway at St. Aidan’s.