Lenten Practice: Turning the World Upside Down

Lent begins on February 10th.  Next Sunday, pick up your Lenten Challenge flyer, “Turning the World Upside Down,” and a Lenten offering box.
2016 lent
Whether you are a rookie or a veteran when it comes to Lent, join in this experiential, meaningful practice — take on one small challenge for each of the 40 days between February 10 – March 24 and turn the world around, one act at a time.

How it Works

1. Pick up a Lenten box and challenges at church.
2. Pledge an amount for each act.
3. Each  day of Lent (you can skip Sundays), pick an act-in any order- and commit to it all day.
4. Tick the box and deposit your pledge. Don’t worry if you can’t manage every day.  This is not a contest.
5. Ask yourself, “How, in this action, have I encountered God?”

Bring your offering box to church at Easter. Proceeds will be donated to Nature Conservancy Canada.