Lent: A New Season

A Message from Rev. Cheryl

Sunday, February 7 begins an action-packed week in the Christian year. The season of Epiphany comes to an end with the disciples seeing Jesus in a new light.

On Tuesday (February 9) of that week we remember the story of the Hebrew slaves getting ready to escape Egypt and begin their journey of liberation. This Tuesday is called Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, the final day of Mardi Gras, or Pancake Tuesday.

On Wednesday (February 10) we recognize the first day of Lent and remember that we are simple human beings who live and one day will die. This is called Ash Wednesday, and it is marked by having a cross put on our foreheads or our hands.

On Sunday, February 7, our service will focus on seeing Jesus in a new way. After worship we will tell the story of Shrove Tuesday and eat pancakes prepared by the youth. Then we’ll take five minutes to remember the story of the ashes, and all who wish may receive the sign of the cross in ashes. What a rich day Sunday, February 7 will be. Hope to see everyone.