Who was St. Aidan?

Who was St. Aidan?
Aidan was an Irish monk from the monastery St.Columba had founded on the island of Iona.  For a quick introduction to him, read this article by the Reverend Canon Kate Tristram.

Books with a chapter, or a few pages on Aidan can all be found in the CHRISTIAN CHURCH section of our Library.

  • The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, by Adam (the best one I’ve come across)
  • The Soul of Celtic spirituality : in the lives of its Saints, by Mitton
  • Wisdom of the Celtic saints, by Sellner
  • Celtic Christianity, by Marsh
  • Celtic fire : the passionate religious vision of ancient Britain and Ireland, by Van de Weyer
  • Early Celtic Christianity, by Lehane
  • For a more complete look at St. Aidan, check the BIOGRAPHY section for:
  • Flame in my heart : St. Aidan for today, by Adam
  • Saint Aidan : articles from the internet (a pamphlet)

What we know about Aidan came from the writings of The Venerable Bede, which you can get from the Public Library.