Books for teens

The teen collection has now been relocated to their room, “The Niche” just off the Lower Hall.  There’s lots to look at and borrow.

Here’s an idea of some of what you’ll find:

  • Fiction for Junior and Senior youth group levels
  • Bibles — a variety of versions so you can compare, including Manga versions
  • books about the Bible and about life in Bible times
  • funny stuff to giggle over
  • books for youth groups and their leaders
  • books on topics of concern to teens:
    • bullying
    • self esteem
    • friendship
    • teen suicide
    • making sense of the news
    • changing the world to make it better
    • homosexuality, teen pregnancy, etc.

    and more,

If you’re looking on the online catalogue, it shows the location as the Niche.  Check out any books you take home on the checkout form in the Niche, and return them through the book return slot in the library desk upstairs.