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Sermon – July 20

Ps 139 vs 7-12

Not even in the darkest places on earth – large caves beneath the earth can we hide from God. God’s presence permeates every moment of our lives, no matter where we are. In a way that remains a mystery the Holy One overcame the darkness of nonbeing, bursting forth as light and life that is unceasing in its dynamism and creativity.

The earth was born 4.45 billion years ago as an offering of the sun. For ½ billion years earth’s main activity was to cool and form a hard outer crust that eventually became mountains and valleys. Half a billion years later life emerged as tiny cells. Continue reading Sermon – July 20

Sermon – July 13

We begin with questions: That call to worship—what was that about? Psalm 119 has 176 verses celebrating God’s “word” which can also be translated as God’s instruction Students have asked, “Why is the psalm so long? Why can’t the writer say it once and be done?” What is discovered, when the psalm is read as a prayer, is that Ps 119 isn’t about information. It’s an exercise to help us align our spirits. The repetition of the verses help us deepen our sense of life so that we can be better partners in the intricate dance between divine prompting and human decision. It can be experienced as part of the “life” force field. What am I talking about?

What makes human beings unique? We’re unique—not better than any other part of creation—and out uniqueness comes from our capacity for self-reflection. Self reflection—self awareness. To become aware is the first step to any type of change. And the first thing we need to be aware of is that everything is connected. Continue reading Sermon – July 13

Sermon for Sunday, July 6

During the weeks of summer the Scripture lesson that will be read will be from the Hebrew Torah (first 5 books). These lessons are the sagas of Abram and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Rachel, Moses and Miriam, and others, which got me thinking about our stories. Each of us lives with or in many stories; our own personal life story, our family’s and friends’ stories, stories of our province, our nation, our world. We are swimming in stories. Continue reading Sermon for Sunday, July 6

Sermon for Sunday, February 23

Luke 10:30-37

Radical Neighbours

(A Meditation for an Intergenerational Baden Powell Sunday)

This morning a line in the Scout promise, “I promise to help other people at all times,” or a line in the Guide promise, “I will take action for a better world,” could well be the Scripture texts for this morning’s service.  So many times before when I have read this story of the Good Samaritan, I have missed out on one important detail:  Jesus is talking about what it means to be a good neighbour.

Continue reading Sermon for Sunday, February 23