Advent Unwrapped – Peace








Welcome to Advent Unwrapped!

Christmas is the season of giving! This year our local partner organization, The Shelbourne Community Kitchen, has been selected to receive our Advent Gifts of food and money. We can all help by donating items of healthy food every Sunday in Advent. Please put your donations in the big red shopping cart in the Narthex and you will find festive envelopes in the pews for gifts of money.

During Advent we will unwrap the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. We will discover a new perspective through the eyes of the participants at the Shelbourne Community Kitchen. The “Kitchen” is a Local Mission project of St. Aidan’s, where, in partnership with other churches and associations in the immediate neighbourhood, we work to provide a resource for low-income families and individuals to increase their food security.  See more at


Christian peace is not about the absence of chaos, noise, or war; it is more about the presence of equity, compassion, and respect for all.

Peace is admitting that we are the sheep and that God is the Shepherd.

Peace is knowing we are not alone.

The Shelbourne Community Kitchen brings peace to program participants.

In the words of a couple of Shelbourne Community Kitchen participants:

  • “I value the sense of community. I also value that everyone is treated with dignity and respect and welcomed.”
  • “Above the food offering, I really value the fact that there is no judgement on a personal situation.”