Uniting the church

From the beginning of the Presbyterian services at Cedar Hill in 1873 until 1925, all went smoothly. The Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian denominations had been meeting to discuss becoming one denomination, throughout Canada, and eventually these three became the United Church of Canada. St. Aidan’s lost several of its very staunch members as a result of this merger including the preacher, Rev. David Lister, and the Sunday School superintendent, George Davidson.

Rev. M.D. McKee was the first minister after union. His wife was very involved with the young people of the church and held weekly meetings in her home. At this time, a community hall was built by the congregation, under the direction of Mr. E.J. Merritt and Mr. C.F. Dawson, to give the boys of the district a place to share in activities such as basketball and badminton. Sunday school was also held in the hall. On November 30,1924, the hall was dedicated with with Rev. Joseph McCoy presiding.

On November 17, 1925, a chicken dinner was held in the new hall at a cost of 75 cents for each adult and 25 cents for children. Two hundred fifty tickets were sold and 31 chickens and one goose were donated.

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