Stained glass windows

The stained glass windows in our church came from England many years ago to be installed in the home of B.C.’s premier Sir Richard McBride.  St. Aidan’s minister was a caller at this lovely home and admired the windows.  The lady of the house said she cared little for them as they were too formal for a home, and really should be in some church.  She said plain glass would suit her better.

The minister, with a sudden wild idea forming in his mind, said he would take her at her word and give her plain glass in exchange for the stained glass.  St. Aidan’s Board of Managers confirmed the bargain and began at once a season of activity.  The whole church had to be gone over to give the windows the proper setting.

To raise money for renovations, the Ladies Aid went into a flurry of activity convening teas, bazaars, rummage sales and home-cooking sales.  The men scraped the floors, painted the roof, and installed a new system of lighting.  One of the members spent his evenings carving an oak pulpit and communion table.  When all was ready the new St. Aidan’s was opened and re-consecrated to the service of God and the community.  The workmanship of the windows is so exquisite that if you stop today in the Narthex and look closely you will see a spider spinning his web amongst the leaves, flowers and birds.

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