Frequently Asked Questions

Who was St. Aidan?
Aidan was an Irish monk from the monastery St.Columba had founded on the island of Iona.  For a quick introduction to him, read this article by the Reverend Canon Kate Tristram.

Books with a chapter, or a few pages on Aidan can all be found in the CHRISTIAN CHURCH section of our Library.

What we know about Aidan came from the writings of The Venerable Bede, which you can get from the Public Library.

How can I learn about church facility rentals?
St. Aidan’s buildings and facilities are some of the busiest in Victoria and we take pride in the fact that we are home to so many community groups and activities. Learn more from our Facility page.

How can I book a wedding service at St. Aidan’s?
The staff at St. Aidan’s will be happy to discuss your wedding plans with you. More information can be found on our Facility page.

When is the thrift shop open? I want to volunteer – who do I call?

How can I learn more about the library and how can I access the library catalogue?
St. Aidan’s library, including access to the catalog, can be found on our Library page.

What is the history of St. Aidan’s church?
1873, Rev. Simon MacGregor, of Victoria, began preaching in outer parishes, including Esquimalt, Craigflower and Cedar Plains. St. Aidan’s history begins from this period, with services being held in the original Cedar Hill school chapel. Read more about how we came to be the church we are today on our History page

How can I arrange for a funeral service at St. Aidan’s?
St. Aidan’s has a lot of experience in accompanying families through a time of death, both in designing and leading funerals or memorial services, but also in assisting the grieving of survivors.  If you are looking for help, please contact Cheryl Black. We would be happy to assist you in arranging funeral services.

More resources for planning memorial services and funerals can be found in our Library.

What is the fundraising policy of St. Aidan’s?
The fundraising policy of St. Aidan’s is available as a PDF.

What programs and activities are available for children and youth?
St. Aidan’s offers a variety of Sunday programs as well as youth group activities for all ages. Learn more on our Children and youth ministries page.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact

Cheryl Black.