A Word from Rev. Cheryl Black

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Cheryl’s leadership style is visionary, pragmatic and systematic. She is committed to social issues and learning that is of practical help to people to live meaningful lives. Her worship style is inclusive, joyful and compassionate.



St. Paul said: In all things give thanks. I find myself doing that many times a day.

I’m coming to join you in ministry at St. Aidan’s – Yes!

I’m going to discern with you what God wants us to do and to be both locally and globally – Yes!

I’m so looking forward to joining you on this discovery journey which will soon become ‘ours’.

The MPS committee who interviewed me said that you as a congregation have already discerned the need for some change in the midst of the many things you celebrate. I’m eager to hear your stories of what is working and what is not working, to listen to your stories of your past ministry – both the stories of your greatness and your brokenness. I want to hear your dreams for your own spiritual wholeness and your fears that trip you up.

In the first few months I want to get to know you, both personally and communally and let you get to know me. We’ll visit each other in a variety of ways and places. We’ll get a glimpse of who we are as disciples and a shared understanding of the context into which we are ministering.

We’ve already begun to experiment with one change – the Sunday morning children’s ministry and the youth ministry will be part of my job description. I’ll supervise three U. Vic students in leading the children’s ministry and I’ll be in close contact with Wendy, who will continue to lead the youth group.

I’m looking forward to understanding how you worship and how we will together shape our worship life.

There is so much that I am looking forward to, but I’m also trying to have a holiday and a sabbath break after having left Highlands and before joining you.