Sermon – August 10

Holons Crysalis  

Judy Cannato – Radical Amazement

Ken Wilber – A Brief History of Everything

David E. Lovewell – poetry, Where Is God


For freedom Christ set us free….but do not use this freedom as an opportunity for self-indulgence, but through love become slaves to one another. Galatians 5.1,13


My dog, Connar, and I have a relationship built on mutual trust and affection as so many dog owners have.

Rupert Sheldrake speaks about – wrote a book about – animal telepathy and I’ve been trying it out with Connar. So when at 4:45 Connar stands in front of me and stares at me until I look at him, I remember – oh yes supper time — and then I go and get his dinner ready. Very good mental telepathy! How do they do this? How do dogs know exactly what time it is? Every day it’s the same thing—also when he wants to go out. Carey Place -at exactly 2:45 he’d come and look at me that it was tea time and he was ready to go out and gather with the women for his daily patting and praising session.

Am I a slave to him as St. Paul has said? Yes, you better believe I am! I think that the relationship which Paul was writing about is the same relationship that I have with my dog and he has with me because it is a relationship built out of mutual love. I know Connar would and has protected me on numerous occasions and he knows that I love him and will feed him and try to do the best I can for him. He knows that I will do these things as sure as he knows that he will lay down his life for me if need be. And what’s more I know this.

“For freedom Christ has made us free.” Free to each other. I’m not talking about the kind of freedom that says “I can do anything I want, any time I want and everyone else can go sit on a tack!” This kind of freedom disregards the connectedness to others and even the connectedness to our own inner being.

So often we fall prey to an illusion about freedom. Initially we’re attracted by freedom’s sparkle, only to realize that instead of sparkle and brightness and vivacity, what we actually are seeing is the acid shine of dark and deadly reality.

Rather, I’m talking about the kind of freedom that takes hold of us at a higher plane, freedom to that “something bigger and better than we are” freedom that makes us a slave – accountable to someone or something more other than ourselves.

We, all of us, are again realizing that our human understanding of freedom is limited and even confining; is insufficient. I say again because 2,000 years ago Paul knew this, and 4,000 years ago the ancient philosophers knew this.

This is where the concept of holons allows us to speak about freedom in a new way; in a way that goes beyond the superficial idea of what we can do to who we actual are.

I don’t expect to cover very much in a few minutes of speaking about this. Not only does Judy Cannato write about it more eloquently than I can but she has gotten her information from Ken Wilber who has been talking and writing about this for almost 30 years.

According to Wilber “A holon is a whole (a total thing) that is part of other wholes.” For example, a whole atom is part of a whole molecule; a whole molecule is part of a whole cell; which is part of a whole organism.”

Vowels/consonants– words – sentences – paragraphs – pages, etc, etc.

So, reality is composed of neither parts nor wholes but rather whole/parts or holons.

“Reality in all domains” includes everything in the universe- – everything, everywhere on Earth, in space, in the entire Cosmos.

Examples: atoms are wholes – distinct modes of being that maintain their own integrity. Yet atoms are not in isolation but are parts of molecules which in turn molecules make up cells that make up organs that are in organisms that are in something else. Everything nested within something else.

And everything is made up this way: we humans are nested in families, communities, provinces, nations, continents, etc.

Whether we’re talking about the physical realm or the conscious realm — the Theory of Holons reveals how everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone else.

And the parts make up the totality and therefore affect the whole, and the whole holds the parts together and therefore affects the parts. Changing a single part of any of this changes all of it.

Hence the Chinese saying: a butterfly flaps its wings and half way around the world a hurricane happens!

Within each holon there is a spark of divine creativity and the power to develop into something new. We call this spark God, whom we say has created and fashioned everything and lives within all of creation – even the smallest part, and connects everything to everything else.

And so we tell that ancient story – – the first creation story – – where God creates and then says everything is “good, good, good!”

Living within this concept humanity is once again realizing (coming into consciousness) that we need to live with attentiveness to the intricate connectedness of all that is. This isn’t new stuff, but the realization is just coming around again, and hopefully enough of us will get it this time to change things. We need to live with attentiveness to the intricate connectedness of all that is.

David Lovewell has said it another way:

Where is God

On a starlit night

In the unimaginable depths of space and time?


Where is God

Among the countless

Nuclear furnaces

New and dying

Variable points of light

Exploding into existence — violent birth and death?


Is this God’s creation

With hidden purposes beyond our ken?

Or is God our creation

For our comfort

In the utter loneliness

of all this filled but empty cruel space?


Where is God

In this person

Whom I know as “me”?


Where is God

Within this self awareness

Brought into being

By the source of all that is?

In these countless cells

Dying and being born

Each moment of my time?


This is God’s creation

Enfleshed, enspirited

by the love

that gave me birth

dwelling deep within

and at those depths

I am indissolubly joined

And yet distinctly separate

from each and all of

God’s varied

and multitudinous creations.


May I added – –

Nested all together into one wonderful creation, Holons all!