Life and Work, February 21, 2016

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Thank you for your contribution to worship today, February 21, 2016:

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Greeters: Heather Nicol, Dean Goard, Ray and June Coutts Lock-up: Scott Treble, Linda Francis, Robin Sutherland, Virginia Landucci Coffee Hosts: Pat and Jean Ten Have

Welcome to all our guests and visitors this morning. We are glad you have joined us in worship today. Please sign the Guest Register in the narthex.

2016-02-21 Life and Work for web_html_14ca2f49The Annual General meeting will be held after the service on Sunday February 28th in the lower hall. Coffee, tea and muffins will be available before the meeting. Donations of muffins would be appreciated. Please contact Tony or Marilyn Smith 250-479-5676. 

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TODAY at St. Aidan’s Our Lenten Series on the Environment — Caring for our Common Home — features a message on Pope Francis’ Encyclical, On the Care of Our Common Home. Following the service, at 11:30, we’ll show A Sea Change: Imagine a World without Fish, and at 12:30, invite you to a light, Lenten lunch. Please plan to stay!

If you need more on Lent and the environment, plan to take in First Met’s Climate Action Film Series – Mondays 7-9 pm. Room 200- 932 Balmoral Road. February 22The Carbon Rush – What happens when we manipulate the markets to solve the climate crisis? Who stands to gain and who stands to suffer?

Turning the World Upside Down – Lent 2016 We have completed 10 days of giving, fasting and praying, turning the world upside down, one day and one act at a time. (Remember: skip Sundays).   The idea isn’t to be perfect. So, if you slip up and forget a day, don’t give up.  Just begin again the next day.  It is a powerful thing to take on this Lenten practice as a community.  Yay, St. Aidan’s!

February is heart month! Your Healing Pathway Team offers treatments from the heart and for the heart. If you would like to experience this gift phone Elizabeth Thorburn-Korolus at 250 298 0747. We offer treatments on Monday and Friday mornings and Friday afternoons.

TODAY, February 21st @ 9 am – Pat and Jean Ten Have will conduct a hosting coffee workshop for those who would like to be After Church Coffee Volunteers. They welcome all newbies and old hats who would like a refresher short course to join them in the GREAT HALL at that time.

The Friendly Octopus Thrift Shop – We still need fabric, yarn and grocery bags made of cloth. Thank you!

Casserole Caravan We have a cleaned, defrosted freezer all ready to receive food for those who might need a meal on a short term basis in case of family emergencies. Please cook whatever is your favourite for someone else is sure to love it. There are four disposable “Glad” containers in the freezer without a label. Looks like chilli so if you made it, can you let me know what it is and the date it was cooked? Feel free to ask me any questions you may have and sincere thanks to those who generously donate. Val Bauld

Living in a Quantum World: How the New Science Changes Everything presented by Dr. Garth Mundle. The series will be offered as four evening sessions from 7:00 to 9:30 pm on March 6 to 9, 2016 and will be hosted by Cadboro Bay United Church, 2625 Arbutus Road. Cost is $10 per session or $30 for full registration. Info at 250.477.2715. Session 1 (Mar 6) Entanglement: Nothing is separate and everything is connected. Session 2 (Mar 7) Chaos: Why chaos is a good thing. Session 3 (Mar 8) Probability vs Certainty: There is no certainty only probability. Session 4 (Mar 9) Emergence vs Prediction: There is no prediction only emergence.

Bazaar Sewists Our sewing group is getting together on Thursday, February 25. At that time we will exchange fabric, patterns, samples and all our ideas collected over the past year. If you would like to join us, please call Sylvia @ 250-658-2402.

Movie Night at St. Aidan’s Saturday, February 27. We will be showing “Chocolat”. The movie came out in 2000, stars Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, and deals with the theme of Lent. The film starts at 7 pm in Room 2 A/B. Discussion and refreshments to follow. Everyone is welcome – Hope to see you!

Shelbourne Community Kitchen Whether you’re an experienced home gardener or interested in learning the basics of growing food, join us on Wednesday, February 24th to learn about our garden program. Wednesday, February 24th at 3541 Shelbourne Street. We offer two identical sessions that day: 11am-12pm OR 6:30pm-7:30pm. To attend either session, please RSVP by email to or call (250) 590-0980

2016-02-21 Life and Work for web_html_14ca2f49Spring Cleaning? Many of us start a project or enjoy it for a time then move on to other things. The bazaar would love your ART, CRAFT AND HOBBY items such as carving tools, art paper, brushes and paint. Card stock, cutters and stamps. Fly tying devices, rock polishing, stamp collecting. You name it we can use it. Questions? Contact Noreen @ Please label donations BAZAAR All donations gratefully appreciated!

God in the Midst of Change: Wisdom for Confusing Times with Fr. Diarmuid O’Murchu

Based on his book, God in the Midst of Change, Diarmuid O’Murchu will explore some of the major contemporary cultural shifts and their implications for faith in our time. In dialogue with the participants he will explore some of the practical consequences for everyday

Date: Tuesday March 29, 2016 | Time: 9:30 registration – 3:00 pm | St Aidan’s United Church, 3703 St. Aidans St. Victoria BC | $50.00 lunch & refreshments included.Tickets available at St Aidan’s United Church or register on line:

Spirituality: Radial Vision and Empowering Strategies  –  Lecture with Fr. Diarmuid O’Murchu

The paradigm shift in our understanding of spirituality today leaves some people empowered and excited, others confused and reactionary. Diarmuid O’Murchu will review the nature of this shift with its implications for daily faith and religious practice.

Date: Tuesday March 29, 2016 | Time: 7 – 9 pm | St Aidan’s United Church, 3703 St. Aidans St. Victoria BC | $20.00. Tickets available at St Aidan’s United Church or register on line: